Dan's Home Team

Real Estate and Divorce

I have teamed up with a couple of other professionals to offer a complimentary service to our community. We know that real estate and divorce can be a very sensitive topic and your privacy is our priority.

Our team is here to help homeowners, lawyers, and mediators –at no cost- gather house-related documents for more informed decision-making during family mediation. You can also read more about our team here.

Along with 8 years experience in Colorado as a Realtor, I also hold a Real Estate Collaborative Specialist for Divorce (RCS-D) designation. Trained with Kelly Lise Murray Things to consider: Is the appraisal really covering all the gaps in the case file? Are there tax consequences for keeping/selling the house? Will holding/selling the house affect your credit score? Will holding/selling the house effect your ability to buy a new home? Do you know all of the responsibilities and challenges you are accepting by keeping/selling the house? What are all of the potential options for the house? How can a marital balance sheet effect your decisions? How will new alimony laws affect loans? Keep the house for all the right reasons You may need to sell, you may need to buy, or you may benefit most from holding onto you house. No matter what, we are here to help you make a more informed decision about what is best for you and your family.